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What We Offer

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Royal Foodz Supplying no hormones Certified Angus Beef, fresh cut-to-order premium steaks, French Mulard Duck and further processed premium poultry products.For our most discerning customers, there is no finer beef than Certified Angus Beef. It's exceptionally flavorful, juicy and tender, flown in from a single plant deep in the heart of America's beef country. Our center of the Plate specialists can help you develop the perfect meat program for your operations, no matter the size.




Royal Foods the finest quality seafood products with good price. Our company is the leading seafood supplier in State of Qatar. Our healthy appetite for perfection drive consistent customers satisfaction We are one of the leading distributor of quality fresh and frozen seafood products in the market, catering to hotels, restaurants and catering institutions and we are committed to offer a wide variety products ranging from fish shellfish to crustaceans
and cephalopods and more from all over



We are proud to offer a an e of dairy products from creams to and cheeses sourced from Europ to America. This is how we facilitate customer to develop their menu cards and express their passion for food through understanding that the right ingredient, at the right quality with the right value is crucial to perfecting and sharing the art of cooking and delivering unique culinary experience that brings guests back into our customers outlets again and again.




The dessert is the very last souvenir a guest takes back from a dining experience and
for this reason, we continuously go the extra mile to source la créme de la créme" of products for our customers to prepare the most exceptional creations.

We take pride in being an integral part of bringing our customers' food creativity to the fore by providing them with the ingredients that will help making their dish stand outand creating those intricate flavour experiences that makes consumers come back for more.



Consistency, quality and specialty, these are only a few elements that goes into delivering the best and most heart-warming Mediterranean food experience — even more important is our expert customers preparation and creativity feeding their sense for the art of creating the best Italian and Spanish food in the market.


Steeped in tradition, aesthetics and highly specialized ingredients, Japanese Cuisine is much more than Sushi and Sashimi — Japanese food is a world of experiences on its own. We now carry more than 200 Japanese products and have access to many more within the range.



Our Company focusing to offer unique portfolio of beverages in e Qatar
region. All the brands part of our beverage range share this passion for natural and quality ingredients with intriguing innovative flavours. With a well-established portfolio of brands ranging from premium water to drinks and syrups, we provide our customers with a complete bar solution to share exceptional beverage experience with their guests.